Helen Thomas: The White House is in the pockets of Israel

I'm an Israeli. What can I say ?
I only wish it was true.
Political life would have been so much simpler.

I read some claim that Helen Thomas is not anti-Semite. Just Anti-Israel.
Wishing for the Jews to return to the lands of slaughter of Europe, where they have been persecuted during most of civilization's memory (starting way back at Rome's age), sounds like a rather anti-Semite wish in my eyes.

Furthermore, when someone portrays the world in colors which make the Israelis/Jews sound like the most powerful, able, successful humans around, you can guess he is anti-Semite.

You don't to have to agree straight away. But before leaving for your own thoughts, please read this old joke, and bear it in mind, when you read Helen Thomas' words:

Isaac is reading a newspaper on a park bench.
His friend Moses sees him and says:
"Isaac, why are you reading that anti-Semitic newspaper?"
"Mo, I like to read good things about the Jews."
"Good things?"
"Certainly. It says right here that we Jews control the banks,
Jews control the newspapers,
Jews control the government and all Jews are rich.
So what could be bad?"
(this version is taken from Zionism-Israel.com)

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