Can there be an agreement between sides in Libya ? Should there be ?

Amazingly enough, some think that the west should push for a ceasefire and mediation in Libya. Seems like they have not done their history lessons, have not listened to recent news regarding atrocities by Gaddafi's forces, and have not realized the nature of this struggle between a tyrant and people who wish to be free.

So let me try, again, to present matters as I perceive them, this time with the help of a courageous woman, Eman al-Obeidy:
"we are a peaceful people and we are not members of al Qaeda. We are a simple people and moderate Muslims -- not extremists -- and we are not asking for anything expect for our freedom and dignity and the most basic human rights which are denied to us,"  
let us all listen to this eloquent summary of the Libyan nation's position, being stated despite the horrible violence this woman has known and the risks and dangers to her own well-being she is being exposed to, following this statement.

Should the developed world push a peaceful, simple, moderate people who seek freedom, dignity and their own human rights, to reach some kind of agreement with a tyrant whose forces have displayed their disrespect towards human values ?

I have stated earlier - it is not realistic to expect the developed world to fight for the freedom of every oppressed people. Especially in countries where the ethnic map is complex. But the develop world must make a stand supporting people who fight for their own freedom. It may take many forms, and I, for one, believe that if the developed world has sold weapons to Gaddafi for years, it might as well supply arms to his uprising people, just to set the score straight. But even before the Issue of what form of concrete support, there lies a more important issue: moral support.

Let us support the uprising nations of the middle east. not cripple their struggle for liberty. 

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