An exemplary weekend

It is rare that events organize themselves in a fashion that is self-explanatory. But the last 3 days of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have set such a fashion. Following Hamas choice to escalate, as I've previously anticipated, violence has reached a new peak (at least considering the time since the first Gaza War).

On Thursday, Hamas has intentionally fired an Anti-Tank missile at an Israeli school bus. This was no mistake. the color of the bus and the color of the IDF vehicles are so different that there can be no other conclusion - this has been an intentional attack on school children.

This is not the first time when Palestinian Terror is aimed at school children, and it is typical of the Palestinian Terror organizations'  history. Israel's reaction, at least up until now, has been well aimed and accurate. Considering the past, one would hope that Israel will also be smart enough to reduce the level of fire, having reached its goal of not leaving a heinous terror act unanswered.

Considering the high density of population in Gaza and Hamas' cynical defensive tactics (which sum up to hide-behind-the-most-sensitive-civilian-shelters-found), each Israeli attack that ends without civilian casualties of a Palestinian origin is something to rejoice about (at least in Jerusalem). One sadly fears that in Hamas headquarters the feeling about this lack of civilian casualties in Gaza is different.

In a way, this weekend has been one of the best summaries of the current  Gaza conflict we've seen in years. 

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