Syrian officers defect: is it the beginning of the end for the Ba'ath regime ?

Lebanese news blog, Ya Libnan, has reported about more defections of senior officers from the Syrian army. Apparently these officers object the violence used by the Syrian security forces to bring the demonstrations to their end. The source is the Syrian Facebook group assisting in the coordination of the demonstrations. If these reports are true, these  might be the first real signs for the end of the Ba'ath regime in Syria.

The rising objection of persons in the armed persons to be used as a tool against the Syrian people, is an indication for people keeping their senses or returning to them. Armies, as most of us remember, are theoretically meant to protect the civilians of their countries from all threats - external and internal. Too many Arab tyrants and dictatorial regimes seem to have forgotten that.

Egypt has been an excellent example where many of the ruling regime remembered the real role of security forces, and where the army did not take part in the political struggle between the top of the regime and the civilians demonstrating. This was a key part in the survival of most of the Egyptian old regime, at least until current time. Syrian regime has taken a different direction, and it is good to see that parts of that regime are coming to their senses.

Let us hope that these will at least save the lives of the brave people of Syria who demonstrate for their freedom. Maybe it will even help bring the change they fight for. 

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