looking for the day after

Following a turbulent period, the people of  Libya may be starting to plan for the day after with UN staffs coming to assist. But as the state of affairs is still far from being safe, and there are plenty of complicated issues to resolve, not mentioning the quite important question of Gaddafi's whereabouts and current strength, one has to hope that this struggle will see a happy end soon.

However unstable things may be in Libya, they are surely better than in Syria, where the death toll of citizens killed by the violent and oppressive regime keep rising. The international community is still lagging in a most frustrating manner. One has to doubt whether recent ban news will actually have any impact on the regime's current approach to Civil protests. Still, with or without the International community, Syria's citizens surely see the events in Libya. These events, as frustratingly-slow-developing as they may have been, and find encouragement in their brethren success. For what can be a stronger incentive for any citizen seeking freedom than the knowledge that it can be done.
Watching one's brothers succeed in the fight for their rights -
Watching the citizens of  Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, at their successes -
Watching others, like the people of Yemen, in their continuous effort to bring down the next brick in the falling wall of dictators -
 is moment of glory for any human being.

Seeing fellow human beings struggling,
taking back sovereignty from the hands of tyrants,
and  embarking on a new path for their country,
is a great and deep lesson all human beings on planet Earth are receiving.

Libya has taught us all that the ruthlessness of the tyrants is no shield.

May the citizens of Syria soon explain this lesson to their tyrant. For their success is the success of humanity.

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