Donald J. Trump is no joke

I keep hearing reporters and analysts over here in Israel and around the world, in and  outside the U.S, stating that Donald John Trump, Sr. has no real chance to become the next president of the United States of America.

I beg to differ. We should let personal preferences and prejudices aside, and look at the U.S presidential race realistically.

First half of the race: the race for the Republican nomination

The race for the Republican nomination is obviously widely opened. Trump has as good a chance as any other candidate and following his landslide victory in New Hampshire, it is obvious that he enjoys wide support in all sections of Republican party voters.

Unlike most or all of the other candidates, he enjoys two strong advantages:
1) He is an outsider, and as such, he enjoys near automatic sympathy by all who oppose the establishment. Tea party support, symbolized by Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump, goes a long way in the Republican party. Not only does it provide a strong base of zealous supporters, it also means that Trump has more freedom. He is allowed for more liberal views than other nominees. This lets the man attract both the extreme and the moderate parts of the Republican party.
2) More than any other nominee, he is the anti-thesis to Barack Obama. Any republican who thought Obama was a bad president, would find Trump appealing. More than most other nominees.

Trump enjoys a great momentum, following his recent victory. Unless strong alliances are formed against him by two or more of the other Republican candidates, this momentum should become an important parameter of its own. It may very well bring Trump to a point where he gets the support of one of the candidates that are expected to withdraw in the coming weeks and months. This will put him far ahead and very near to victory.

Second half of the race: the general elections
Come the general elections, The republicans have a better chance than many believe, regardless of the identity of the Democratic opponent. Everyone would agree that Trump has Reagan-like qualities. The Republicans can be expected to make a lot of Carter/Obama comparisons in the buildup of their candidate's competency for presidency. Trump is expected to pick a moderate vice president (John Kasich or Chris Christie would be great choices) that would make his appeal significantly greater. If Trump and Carly Fiorina can solve their differences, they may prove to be an invincible team.

During general elections, the greater parts of the Republican machine are expected to work for Trump. This is true regardless who the opponent is. Few Republicans I know would prefer Clinton or Sanders over Trump.

And then again, Trump would have a huge advantage over his Democratic rival. Sanders would make him appear as the moderate capitalistic alternative to the left-wing Democrat. Clinton would make him appear as the out-of-town Sheriff that has come to bring peace and justice. And in a third-runner scenario like Michael Bloomberg, Trump can only profit from the expected Democratic voice split.

It all sums up to one possible conclusion: Donald Trump is a serious runner in this race. He should be treated as a real contender and very possibly the next president of the United States of America. He most certainly should not be considered a joke.

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