the economics of politics

The Palestinian Authority finds itself in a dire economic situation. Apparently, of the $971 million pledged by donors for this year, only $330 million have been passed to the Authority. A significant cause of the deficit is that many Arab countries have not fulfilled their pledges. According to Prime minister Fayyad,  "the only Arab countries that had fulfilled their pledges this year were the United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Oman". 

Any person familiar with the economic history of Israel, knows how rough were the first years after independence, and how significant was the external help, and what was the meaning of the loans from the United States and the reparations agreement, to the stability of the young Israeli economy.  

Sadly, it would appear that the Palestinian people are heading in the same path. would they find their sources of external help ? or will the middle east's  age of revolutions, paradoxically, hinder the Palestinian's right of self definition ?

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