political tolerance in Iran ?

Iran has an excellent opportunity to look in the mirror and decide whether it is more of a democracy or more of an autocratic regime: the punishment of a brutal flogging given to the student Peman Aref, for a letter he sent to  president Ahmadinejad, in which he allegedly used an insulting language, has been now criticized by the president  himself. Regardless of the original question, what  language was actually used in the letter, is it now agreed, that formally, in Iran, citizens are allowed to use impolite language while criticizing their leaders. But what remains to be seen is whether this response was a mere formality, aimed as a move of propaganda, or whether this was a true reference to a breach of the democratic process. The proof, by the way, is simple enough: the president should display to the public the legal process being taken place against those who violated that student's right of free speech in such a violent manner, abusing their powers given by law. In every democracy ruled by law, such persons would be interrogated, brought to justice, and if indeed found guilty of violating the law of the state - they should be punished, and no longer serve as law enforces.

Somehow, I don't feel we will see any proofs for such a procedure.

[16/10/2011, update: Maybe in relation the growing impressions that Ahmadinejad is no longer capable to balance the democratic and Islamic aspects of the Shiite regime in a proper manner, either due to the democratic deficiencies such as the one discussed earlier in this post, either due to Ahmadinejad's Islamic-wise problematic consultants, Iran's supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, has publicly discussed the possibility of a constitutional change in Iran, in which the position of the directly elected president shall be eliminated and Iran shall, once again, have as head of the executive, a prime minister elected by parliament, "if one day, probably in the distant future, it is deemed that the parliamentary system is more appropriate..." (Italics marking added by me)]

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