Syria, Russia and China: the common denominator of oppression

What might be the common denominator between Syria, a regime struggling for its survivor, massacring its uprising people, and countries like Russia and China who have chosen to block the forming international effort to stop Syria murderous regime from the ongoing slaughter of protesting citizens ?

It isn't too hard to guess.

Sadly, it appears that once again, the stupidity of the idea of tyrants sharing the responsibility for upholding human rights is proven. Just like the ongoing operation of the UN human rights council is repeatedly proven to be political and neglectful of the majority of human rights struggles around the world, now the security council is demonstrating that even in a special day and age when the shackles of tyrants are tested in an entire region, the International organization responsible for world peace, for the promotion of human rights and freedoms, for humanity's welfare, is just as irrelevant as it has been in so many occasions since it has been established.

The combination of the deadlock in the UN, mainly motivated by the fear of tyrants for their own skin, together with a financial crisis which leaves the powerful democracies of the world powerless to intervene, bears a sad message to Syrian protesters as well as freedom loving protesters all over the world. Despite the dream all citizens of the world share - freedom from tyranny - when we recruit the will to fight for it, we find ourselves alone.

The promise behind globalization, that of a mutual commitment, a mutual  responsibility, a mutual dream - that all citizens of the world shall be free, is still a hollow promise.  Human beings shall have to fight it one meter at a time, before that vision is fulfilled, and in many cases, free human beings shall watch their enslaved brethren die in the streets without giving them a helping hand.

As naive as this may sound, one must remember that the nightmares that Russia and China tell of to the free world, of extreme Islam taking control in the liberated countries of the middle east, can be told on each and every democracy upon this planet. Freedom has its dangers, and it requires maturity and responsibility.

But freedom also bears a moral burden. If one is free, one must not see others struggling for freedom, and look the other way. 

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