Egypt votes for presidency

After having elected a parliament, Egypt is choosing a new president today. Egypt is the second arab country to be taken this far by the waves of the Arab Spring, after Tunisia. As Monsef Marzouki, Tunisia's president confessed to having nightmares because of his responsibility, one can only imagine how hard it will be to try and govern the the most populated country in the middle east.

It is still unclear whether any of the nominees will be able to secure the required support - 50% of the votes - to win the first round, or that a second round between those leading the first round shall be held in a few weeks time.

Whoever wins this great democratic competition is going to face a rough challenge and bear a great responsibility. Not only shall he face the complicated and delicate process of receiving the power from the army, but he shall lead the process of passing Egypt from a provisional constitution to its future form of democratic system. This role of a founding leader of a nation is an opportunity that is given very rarely to very few persons. 

Let us all wish the Egyptian people - may the best person for the job wins. 

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