the truth behind Obama's government mid-term elections lameness

People say Obama failed to lead, but truth is he performed quite reasonably, in extremely difficult circumstances.The nobel prize didn't help much,as it was quite the declaration - being a black president is quite enough, you did your thing.
while u.s citizens do not feel like that. For them, "yes we can" was an open cheque,and they wanted the promise delivered. I doubt if there is a human being who could deliver such a huge, intangible cloud of a promise.
Obama, facing the greatest economic crisis in modern history, in the incredibly difficult multi-power, globalistic world, with a horrible heritage of fighting-terror,couldn't.
Not quite yet, anyhow.
In a sense, winning by "yes we can", was the primary reason for his failure. I don't know if he could have won using a different campaign. but now, Obama has to deliver something, or "yes we can" will bring his presidency to an end, in two years, and one has to fear about the heritage of the first black president. it might be that president Obama has been able to make this position color-blind, and in that aspect, the nobel prize, although horribly premature, was justified. but only time will tell.
In the mean time, If I was any country in the world where a rather powerful and simplistic foreign affairs/internation security move by the united states could make a change, even a short term one, and by the way, could mark Obama again in the "yes we can" colors of hope, I'd be very very careful in my actions and in my choices.
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems like a very likely place to make such a "yes we can" move.
It is surely much less scary than a similar move in the iranian or korean fronts....

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