Arab League condemns violence in syria

The Guardian reports that the Arab League has (finally) condemned the violence against civilians in Syria. Took them some time, don't you think ?

But lets not be unfair towards the Arab League.

After all, measures of violence have been used elsewhere in the Arab world.
Some Arab countries appear to be better than others in the cover-up of their style of cracking-down on freedom-protesters. It also seems that the developed world is strongly committed to limiting its intervention in the revolutions of the Middle East, as the Libya struggle demonstrates well.

In such a reality, the choice of politicians to avoid forming and expressing opinions too quickly, is understandable. And let us not forget that the Arab League is made up of countries in which the regimes fera to be the next in line, if the revolutions in Syria and Libya turn out to be successful.

The fact that despite all that the Arab League has reached the consensus of reproaching the Syrian regime is a clear indication to the Syrian revolutionaries: You are making progress. Slowly, but steadily, the regime you are fighting against is losing ground and support.

Let us all hope that the people of Syria shall have the upper hand, the courage and resolve to stand this long and bitter struggle, against a ruthless regime.

Let us all hope that the developed world shall stop sitting still, and move to a more active position in the support of the Syrian revolution.

When people are fighting for freedom, even if you are not sure who will be the final victor, you cannot sit aside silent. Freedom has to be spoken for. How I'd wish Israel's government to exercise that policy as well, instead of its current awkward silence. 

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