the Friday of the end of legitimacy

As the ongoing protests in Syria reflect the resolve of the people of that oppressed country to achieve freedom, despite the strength and viciousness of the ruling regime, it appears  more and more that the people of Syria should expect no one to come and help them, and therefore need to prepare themselves for a long struggle, of uneven odds, based on  lessons that may be learned from the history of the Cuban revolution.  The fact that the Syrian regime has lost its legitimacy in the eyes of its citizens and the world at large is only a first step, in the long and rough struggle for that regime's end.

The Syrian regime is not alone. Iran's regime, for example, has long lost any shame in its unscrupulous struggle against freedom activists. But the regime of Iran, like Syria's, and the other tyrannical regimes of the Middle East are not afraid, because they see the steps taken by the United States in Afghanistan. Obama's recent declaration of the coming withdrawl, the negotiations between the democratically elected government of Afghanistan from one side, and the Taliban on the other side, and the lack of internal consensus in the U.S even regarding the extremely-limited involvement in Libya, are perceived by the Bullies of the Middle East as a clear indication that their might will suffice.

What is really clear, facing this grim reality, is that slowly and clearly, the International community is losing its credibility and legitimacy. Demonstrators are killed and brutalized by cruel regimes, and the world is practically sitting and watching. 

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