some questions for the flotillas activists

Christopher Hitchens from Slate has some very good questions to the activists on the miscellaneous boats comprising the wave of flotillas that is descending upon the turbulent region (or at least attempting to). In a nutshell, Hitchens wonders whether the activists have even bothered to ponder on the nature of the ruling government in Gaza, its beliefs and partners, before they chose to make significant effort to help that regime in its battle against Israel.

And one has to remind a point here: Any activist who assists Hamas in Gaza, is one less activist to assist the Palestinian Authority in its struggle to gain independence by proclaiming a Palestinian state on September and getting the world to recognize that state. Now, if you are an activist, take a strong hard look at the mirror, and ask yourself which action would really help the Palestinians people and would advance a just solution -  an independent state for the Palestinian people, or a symbolic flotilla  ?

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