tragic death or suspicious death ?

Thanks to the blog Eye on the world I read British DailyMail's report on the tragic death of Ayman Mohammed Fayed, 41, who allegedly fell to his death from the 3rd floor of the Egyptian embassy building, after regretting an attempt to perform suicide but failing to get back to safety.

The report, which might make one muse about life's  bitter sense of humor, the cruelty of the multiverse, or the bizarre sense of justice of the specific deity which was in charge on that day and time, has raised my suspicion.

Although it might be that it really was a story of an attempted suicide tragically succeeding, it is too similar to the manner other Egyptians have found their deaths in London, with the legendary Ashraf Marwan as the most familiar example. 

If my intuition here is true, and this speculation is based on more than abstract similarities, this might be an indication to an evolving power struggle taking place among members of the current ruling regime in Egypt. It might also be another espionage story with a violent end. And then again, it just might be that the coroner got it right.

Sadly, we will have to wait a long time, before our curiosity might be fulfilled. Writing this post, I do hope that whatever the reasons behind Fayed's death were, his family will be taken care of, as he specifically wished in his last note to the living. 

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