Are they really talking now ?

Anyone following my blog knows that I've advocated international involvement in Syria for quite some time now. I've even been a little over optimistic regarding the Arab League's views, as the league began setting sanctions.

Now, at last, it appears that the Arab League has finally crossed the Rubicon and has seriously called for:
  • the establishment of a joint peacekeeping mission with the United Nations;
  • the provision of political and financial support to the Syrian opposition
  • the breaking off of ties with Damascus.
Although the Stance of the holders-of-the-UN-Veto-power, China and Russia, is still sitting-on-the-fence-like,
there are first indications that Russia is reconsidering its position (most probably due to the realization that protecting the ongoing relations with the current regime is proving too costly in regards to the public opinion of the greater Sunni world). As the Turkish position is becoming more and more aggressive and as the world hears more about the everyday perils Syrian citizens are exposed to, I tend to be more optimistic (unlike other commentators) and think that it might just be that the wheels have actually started to turn.

May it be so, and may the freedom fighting citizens of Syria receive, at last, the support they deserve from humanity, all around this globe.

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