another Syrian slaughter. And the UN ?

The reports of the barbarous and intended slaughter of civilians in the Syrian settlement Houla, an act performed by government forces apparantly aiming especially at children is receiving international attention. Once can only hope against all experience that this will be the point when the Syrian regime loses all legitimacy and the international community takes real action to bring it down. But considering the length of time in which Syrians are fighting for their libery against a tyrannical regime, one cannot help being pessimistic.

It is really hard to understand the international community. If fear for the spill-over of the conflict to neighbouring countries was a deterrent, then this is already happening. Lebanon has become involved. It is only a question of time now before the Lebanese internal balances collapse. Will that be the mark for an international intervention in Syria ?

Or will the fears for Iraq, and the delicate negotiations with Iran, and the stance of Russia and China, all prevent International intervention and allow the Syrian regime to continue assaulting civilians and murder the innocents in a clear attempt to scare all people living in Syria in horrified obedience.

The current UN position in the matter  assists only one side - the murderous regime. Under a veil of international mediation, the armed forces of the regime crack down on areas where public dessent has been expressed. And after such acts, the UN still calls to hold weapons shipments to the area. As if the powerful army of the regime will suffer to the same level from a weapons embargo, as the rebels surely will.

There are moments when one cannot help oneself. I am truly revolted by the stance of the international community, and by the choice of UN officials to carry on the show of international supervision in Syria. Any person with a sense of morality should realize that the state of affairs in Syria means that the UN is actually assisting, in its presence, to the murders of the regime. That the UN is granting this regime legitimacy which it no longer deserves. It is high time for the UN to cease the supervision and call for military intervention. As time goes by, the blood of the murdered children is not only on the hands of Bashar Al-Assad, Syria's president. It is also on the hands of the accomplices. And the UN ongoing role is slowly making it impossible to ignore - the UN is also an accomplice. 

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