The African Union is Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma's

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, South-Africa's minister of Home Affairs, was elected yesterday as the chairperson of the Commission of the African Union (the comiision is the  executive branch of the union). Zuma is the first woman to hold this position.

This hard to get victory over the current chairperson, the Gabonese diplomat Jean Ping required 3 rounds of voting, is considered by many as a  political battle for dominance of the union between the African Francophone states and the Anglophone states.

The new chairperson is receiving a full plate of troubles, inherting from the former chairmen two ongoing crises - in Mali and in Guinea Bissau

Zuma, whose position in South-African politics appeared to be not far from her ex-husband (the current president of South Africa), is facing a challenge of greater proportions than anything she has seen yet in her homeland. Let us all hope that now, after the race is won, all union members shall unite behind her, and that she will be able to bring the African Union to the next level of cooperation and shared responsibility. Considering the tasks awaiting her, the current problems of the European union appear to be simple and easy to resolve. May her leadership be remembered as the one who helped in the creation of a unified Africa, and in bringing peace and stability to the continent she now heads. 

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