A guide to Egypt’s coming post-revolution elections

IRIN, the United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian news and analysis service, brings an excellent analysis of the coming elections in Egypt. Definitely worth taking a look for anyone interested in the Arab Spring and the political changes in Egypt.

As the report tells of many doubts and fears people raise regarding these elections, I think it is important to remember that the democratic mechanism is religion-blind.

It does not really matter who really wins these elections. What is crucial is that following these elections -
A true democratic parliament shall function. A parliament whose members enjoy true freedom of speech. A parliament whose members enjoy a true ability to form coalitions, efficiently inspect the actions of the  executive branch, and legislate laws which are truly obeyed.

As long as a true multiparty system shall operate in Egypt, and as long as the parliament shall stand to true open elections every several years, in a process that shall protect the citizens freedom of speech and right to a free and independent vote, Egypt's democracy shall be able to take the people of Egypt to a prosperous future.

Tyrants and great democratic leaders can come from all layers of society and all backgrounds. But they cannot rule alone. As long as every Egyptian citizen shall see himself as mutually responsible for the functioning of the emerging Egyptian democracy, that democracy shall live and thrive. 

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