Farewell Kyoto

Canada has announced it intends to stand by past statements and withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol (to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

The protocol, one of the most promising efforts to reduce overall greenhouse gasses emissions of the past, has been considered highly problematic by Canada's current regime for years, and this announcement is no surprise.

The reports who tell of this official step do not put enough emphasis, in my mind, on the economic impacts of abiding the protocol, in a global economy in mid-crisis. Canada's choice to set its future emissions policy by the U.S model, tells the real tale. As long as the leading manufacturing economies - the U.S and China - shall not  truly embrace such standards, there is little point in others doing so. Furthermore, when others do so, not only don't they truly impact the environment (for the larger players negative contribution being so greater), but they also hurt their own economies.

Sadly, this logic may very well be the type of wisdom that shall lead our globe on the highway of becoming less inhabitable for humans. 

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