The last U.S troop has left Iraq

CNN reports that the last U.S troops convoy has left Iraq. Iraqis are reported to be happy yet worried. As the political arena inside Iraq is quite unstable and intense it is almost impossible to asses  the state of democracy in Iraq. And yet, as I've written elsewhere, I'm optimistic. The people of Iraq have been given back the responsibility over their lives. Their destiny is in their hands. Every human being should enjoy that right. Now it is their turn to prove themselves that they can make the best out of it. And they know that as the first newly erected democracy of the Persian gulf they are being watched by the world, which is waiting to see if the "new Iraq" shall stand or fall. Let us wish them the best. 

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  1. Optimistic, aren't ya ?

  2. Dan, as weird as it may seem, if terror attacks of that scale have taken place during U.S military presence in Iraq, more than once, why should the evacuation be related to that last terrible attack ? There is a difference between correlation and dependence, you know.

  3. Israeli, I do appreciate your optimism, but I'm not alone in thinking that Iraq is falling apart, and on the highway to civil war

  4. Dan, the emerging consensus about a civil war does not mean that Iraq is facing a civil war. It just means that it might turn out that way. But what do you think will happen afterwards ? Are the Iraqis going to fight until no life is left in their land ? Is one side going to take over the entire country and rule the others with an iron fist, just like in Saddam Hussein's days ? And if that happens, for how long will that tyrant rule ? If Rational, Iraqis will have to choose in the coming decade whether to partition their land to a 3 states solution, or do whatever they can to make it a multi-ethnic peaceful state. If Irrational, Iraq will deteriorate into a bloody and lengthy turmoil. Where you see potential for chaos and destruction, I see potential for prosperity and growth. Human history teaches that despite our species tendency for horrid violence, it has a greater tendency for construction. I hope with my whole heart that the citizens of Iraq shall know how to use their current conditions for the general benefit and that the new Iraq shall stand. Don't you ?