convfefe - not as funny as it seems

It all started with a bizzarre twit by the Real Donald Trump, a.k.a the president of the United States of America:
screen copy of the twit, stating: "Despite the constant negative press convfefe"

A surge of funny internet memes followed. Among the best were:
The Toy story reference -
Toy Story Buzz Lightyears telling Woodie with an all inclusive gesture: "Convfefe, Convfefe Everywhere"

The Nuclear Weapons launch code joke:
image of Donald Trump with a laptop, with screen shot showing he enters the convfefe code to launch missiles...

The Obama related hack -
More I applaud the President's courage, raising #covfefe awareness after 8 years of disastrous neglect by the Obama Administration.

Even the queen of England got involved -
image of the queen of england holding a sign that says: "What the hell is #convfefe"

And the expected Star Wars reference -
May the CONVFEFE Be with YOU

As well as some true forms of art, which are worth clicking and checking at source -

But fun aside, How long will covfefe stay with us ?
the hashtag surely will be relevant for a few more days.
But what about the incident ? and its meanings?  and its historical significance ?

Trump has already deleted it from his twitter. Then, instead, added a following twit:
More Who can figure out the true meaning of "covfefe" ???  Enjoy!

Afterwards, his spokesperson, Sean Spicer claimed that Convfefe is an inside joke that "a small group of people" understand. 

So, we are left with a cryptic message and the repeating notion that the president of the United States of America does not think he owes it to the American public to be completely straightforward. Even if his conduct is less than comprehensible.

It is safe to assume it shall linger as another of those moments of the trump administration
that in any other time would have been seriously treated, but in this day and age,
are just joined to the pile of accumulating information that is moving the general description of this regime from peculiar to bothersome

But these bothersome moments are not as bothering as the real things, that happen behind the smoke cloud of convfefe-like vents. Such is the attempt to break the senate majority rule.

This democratic balance machinery is crucial for the ongoing maintenance of a majority consensus. Trump's inability to reach such a consensus, despite his alleged abilities as a negotiator, is a real warning bell for this administration.

Don't know about the 51 majority initiaitive ?
"Current Senate rules mandate that 60 senators -- three-fifths of the 100-member Senate -- must agree in order to end debate and move forward to a vote on a measure or piece of legislation -- a process known as invoking cloture. The Senate, however, has invoked the so-called "nuclear option" in the past to get certain nominations -- most recently of note Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch -- through the Senate by a simple majority vote, but there is currently no method for doing so with legislation."
Trump wants to change that.
And that is bad news for America.

But when America deals with confefe, instead of the 51 majority initiative, that is very bad news for the democracy of this country, and for any other democracy in the world, seeing how an ancient bearer of the least worst of all forms of government, is slowly bringing down her banner.

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