France recognizes Libya opposition as legitimate representatives of the people

A news item that doesn't get the attention it deserves:France recognizes Libya's opposition as legitimate representatives of the people !

At last, developed countries are starting to move. The courage that the French needed can only be understood when taking to mind United States' persistence of clearly seen as "Not intervening". It can be admired when taking into acount the U.S assesments that Gadhafi will survive this evolving civil war.

One can only regret that developed countries forget their obligation to help people fighting for their freedom. The United States hesitations are understood and are not baseless. But there is a huge difference between no intervening on a military base, and standing aside doing nothing.

Even if the United States is horribly scared to discover Al-Qaeda or other extremists behind every effort to change the regime in each and every country of the middle east, it does not justify watching people die under the flag of freedom, without at least appearing to support their cause.

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