? first real cracks in the European Union

Although it is not really news that senior british conservative, William Hague,  has little regard for the European Union, it is major news that the United Kingdom's Foreign secretary, William Hague, states that the UK has only to gain by loosening ties with the EU, and distancing itself from the rest of Europe.

Considering the current changes in world power, and the way economical dominance is slowly taken by developing nations, with China & India at the lead, these words should not be taken lightly.

Hague goes further and describes the implementation of the Euro, the common European currency, as a huge mistake, as this step has been taken before the member countries budgetary systems were initially aligned. This point, one has to concede, might very well be the basic flaw within the European Union, and the one that may cause countries like Greece (and others) to leave the EU.

If this is indeed a sincere statement of intentions, and not an attempt to put pressure on other member states, then the only question left will be - who shall be first to leave the European Union ? The strong nations, or the weak ones ?

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