Release of steam, loss of control or a deliberate and calculated step ?

As yesterday's turmoil in Egypt is relaxing, at least for now, it is still unclear whether the violent breaking into the Israeli Embassy was a part of wider protests against the current direciton of the revolution, an attempt by the current regime to enable release of steam that went sour, or a deliberate and calculated measure, aimed at sending a message both to the Egyptian masses and to Israel.
One thing is clear though: The Egyptian regime has demonstrated a lack of capacity to keep international norms. A foregin  embassey has not been kept safe from the random wrath of a mob. And not any embassey - the embassey of a country whose relations with Egypt are defined as Strategic by the Egyptians. The symbolic meaning of this attack is much wider than the events themselves.

But leaving Israeli-Egyptian relations aside (for now), Even if this was a deliberate attempt by the regime to release steam, this is a signal of weakness.
The positive aspect of the signal is that it may mean the coming of democratic elections in Egypt.
The negative aspect of this signal is the sad and hard implicated question: is Egypt prepared for democracy ? or will havoc spread after such elections ?

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