Russia: Syria at the brink of a civil war. ahem, ahem...

It appears that even Russia, one of the big opponents to international intervention in Syria's brutal oppression of civilian protest, is slowly realizing something will have to be done. Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has admitted that the recent attack by army defectors on an intelligence complex brought the Syrian nation closer to civil war. The guardian reported that the attack was performed by members of the 'Free Syrian Army' who fired shoulder-mounted rockets and used machine guns assaulting a compound run by Air Force Intelligence in Harasta, a suburb of the capital.

As I've stated several times before, the International community must interfere in the slaughter. At least in the format that brought Gaddafi's end in Libya. The first step toward intervention, as everybody knows, is admission.

Wake up Russia (and everyone else): There is already a civilian war in Syria. One side has tanks. The other doesn't. But as events prove, the balance is slowly changing, as well as the form of communications between protesters and government.

May freedom prevail. 

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