international community keeps watching bloodshed in Syria with hands folded

As the US turmoil regarding the debt ceiling nears the end (of the current crisis), the ongoing battles in Libya and slaughters in Syria make it clearer than ever: International intervention is the key that differs slaughters from battles. But watching the U.S entangled in its internal affairs, and the seeing the current lack of other international players willing to step in and assist&protect innocent protesters, leaves one very pessimistic.

Don't get me wrong. I'm confident that the processes in the middle east have reached a level where some profound changes will take place, wherever citizens did not succumb to government violence and persisted, taking huge chances, fighting for liberty.

But the price will be so much heavier.

Why is it that the international community repeatedly fails to undertake and implement the obvious steps ?
What makes the statesmen of democracies so insensitive to injustice that they stand aside instead of standing by the people of Syria ? 

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