making a difference or lying about it ?

The surprisingly optimistic news regarding the arrival of the top U.N truce monitor to syria makes one thing clear. Some parts of the international community still prefer to look the other way, and any excuse enabling it will suffice.

Considering past humanitarian catastrophies which should constantly burden upon the conscience of the international community (The genocide in Rowanda and the Jewish holocaust, , if to mention two horrendously large scale examples), one would have expected the world to behave differently when facing clear humanitarian crimes.

There are times when morality shed a clear light upon decisions. Although it is clear that long term involvment may be required in Syria, it is also clear that not involving is not far from assisting the stronger side.

The truce monitors might have boldened enough some protestors to get back to the streets, but at the same time, it has given a veil the Syrian army uses well to massacre the uprising civilians.

It is high time to stop the lies, conclude the discussions and make a real difference for the freedom-loving people of Syria. 

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