Egypt has a new president

Egypt has a new president !

Mohamed Morsi, the nominee of the Islamic Brotherhood, was declared president this Sunday.
It has been reported that he had won 52% of the votes. The recent weeks in Egypt were a turmoil, and the fact that the elections for the parliament have been disqualified, means that it will take some more time before one can really see the new face of the Egyptian democracy. It is still unclear whether the controlling army will let Morsi rule, or will limit each of his steps. 

Only time will tell if this shall be a true step towards democracy, or another in the weird dance of the Egyptian military Oligarchy, attempting to keep the reigns of government in their hands without the people realizing this reality. 

Personally, one can only wish Morsi that he will be able to lead his people to a better future, of prosperty, justice and peace.

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