japanese tragedy helps gadafi. can the world cope with two fronts ?

Rebels in Libya are having a rough time. They are forced to fight again on areas they have already captured, and their lack of air power gives Gadafi the upper edge and actually promises him superiority in every front where he concentrates his army forces.

The world, stricken with the aftermath of the huge Earthquake that rocked Japan and the disastrous tzunami that followed, seems to be paralyzed at the ongoing war in Libya, which began before the Japanese tragedy, and is still folding.

Anyone who sees the reports about the Libyan Tyrant slaughtering people who fight for
freedom, cannot but wonder why isn't any state in the world brave enough to do something ?

In a world that has lost one superpower in the 90s, and apparantly has lost the other superpower to the last economic crisis (as the USA's clear paralysis indicates), smaller countries can regain a leading role.

Why isn't France taking the lead on this issue ? or the United Kingdom ? these are two countries with a strong-enough army, a known past as empires, who can now use their military power to free people instead of colonizing them. Naive, I know, and yet... 

And if we are talking about countries with strong armies, maybe another idea should be considered. As the Arab Leauge's request from the United Nations to enforce a no-fly zone over lybia has not been fulfilled yet (and might not be fulfilled till its too late for the rebels), maybe the country with the strongest airforce in the middle east should offer its aid to the Arab League. Yes, I know that it is more a fantasy than a real possibility, considering the leaders of the states and the ancient enmities.

And yet, the vision of an Israeli squadron or two, based in an Egyptian airport, taking orders from the Arab Leauge, and using Israel's known superior Air-fighting capabilities to force a no-fly zone in lybia, and give the Libyans who fight under the flag of freedom a fairer chance in their battle against their tyrant, is getting more and more appealing as each day passes.

The folly of naive dreams ...

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