Will Libya be another Prague Spring ?

As the days go by, it becomes clearer and clearer, thar the world is not going to help the under-armed rebels in Libya, and will let Gadafi's forces retake the country. The ongoing delay in the decision-making will mean that even if&and when the United Nations decides on enforcing a no-fly zone over libya, there will be no more rebels left to use it for freeing their country. As I'm writing, the last major stronghold of the rebels, Benghazi, is becoming the focus of Gadafi's forces.

One has to wonder what this will mean to the other revolutions of the middle east. This weekend, a constitutional referendum will most probably be held at Egypt, to determine initial changes in Egypt's promised but tough path to democracy. What will be the fate of democratization in Egypt, if its neighbouring tyrant remains at his throne, having butchered at his rebelling citizens ?

One cannot help but fear that the Libyan revolt might end as another tragic Prague Spring.
If indeed the revolutionaries in Libya will fail, what will become of the other peoples of the Arab world seeking freedom ?

Considering the rough steps taken in other places in the Arab world against protests as all the tyrants unite in their struggle against their own people, one has to be pessimistic.

This is the last call for the developed world to take sides and help people who fight for their rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Is it going to be another historical missed milestone ?

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