be something useful to others

A remarkable interview with a remarkable man: Mellisa Mathison of the Rolling Stone has interviewed the Dalai Lama, and talked with him about his decision to step down and bring a separation of state and church to the exile government of Tibet, about the only time in his life when he felt betrayed,  about the way his successor may be found, and other fascinating subjects. Definitely worth reading.

One would also hope that leaders, all over the world, would read his following words from that interview, and follow them in their personal lives, for the benefit of us all:
"The important thing is that my daily life should be something useful to others. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I shape my mind. The rest of the day, my body, speech, mind are dedicated to others. That is compulsory as a practitioner, and also that way I gain some kind of inner strength. If I am concerned about my own sort of legacy, a genuine Buddhist practi­tioner should not think that. If you're concerned much about your legacy, then your work will not become sincere. You are mainly thinking of your own good name. Selfish. Not good. Spoiled."

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