No Fly Zone in place at libya - at last

The No Fly Zone is finally set over Libya. And not a minute too soon.
Two small remarks regarding this new reality:
(a) seems like U.S president, barak Obama, is still hard at work, trying to persuade the world this is not an only U.S operation. Seems like someone should have told him that -
  1. As far as the extremists of the Arab world are concerned, there is no significant difference between other "western" European powers and the United States. Worse (from Obama's perspective), the image of the strength of the United States of America in the eyes of the masses of the Arab-Muslim world (as masses in other places in the world), is held in such high regard, that it is not the role of the U.S armed forces in the save-Libya's-citizens-from-its-mad-tyrant coalition, that is being taken into account. The U.S is just too conspicuous to hide somewhere in the back of the coalition class photo.
  2. Even if anyone in the world will accept Europe's role in the coalition as more significant than the U.S role, once the developed world has chosen to intervene in one arab country where rebelling citizens were slaughtered by the army of the dictator, the question of "why only there" will be heard, louder and louder as time passes. And justly so.

(b) The timing of the formation of the coalition and the beginning of the strikes must not be ignored. Especially not if we wish that the current rally for freedom in the middle east shall not end like another prague spiring. If indeed all developed countries entered the coalition in clear hands and conscience, then the extreme difficulty of getting the world to agree on an action, and the poor timing which almost came to coming after the bell has rung (or more accurately, the rebels all slaughtered), this combination has got to initiate the process of the establishment of a world armed forces, aimed at intervensions when governments kill their own citizens, and prevent peaceful demonstrations. I've already taken the liberty recently, in the name of the ideals that are being fought for in the middle east at this age, to dream about unrealistic options made real. The idea of a world armed forces has probably even a lesser chance of becoming a reality, for everybody knows that this Chekhov's gun will be required to do something about the persian gulf.

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