lets not forget syria

With World media overly busy doing Osama Bin-Laden's virtual postmortem, it seems that the fact that people are still fighting for their freedom all over the Middle East is not getting the attention that it deserves.

It seems that Bin Laden, in death, just like in his life, has been able to distract people from the important and right routes, to dead-ends. The man who was responsible for too many persons preferring armed conflict and terror over civilian protest, now assists in death, to the tyrants whom he detested and tried to bring down, in his own wrong way.

Focusing on one of the prominent sights of civilian unrest, Syria, one cannot but feel frustrated, disappointed and sad. in the last week over a 100 persons have been murdered by Syrian security forces, and  the international community lets this go by. Tanks are used against civilians, and Syria, just like China at its time, is getting a free hand, with the UN calling for a probe into the killings.

As if it is not clear who has been killed, and who has been killing.

One should point out that international news items claiming Israel has an interest that Assad would survive are based on few Israeli voices, which are far from representing the government or the public. Israel's former Mossad chief, Meir dagan, has been quoted saying that "It will be better for Israel if Syrian President Bashar Assad is removed from power because this will stop help to Hizbollah, and weaken Iranian influence...It will also strengthen the Sunni camp in Syria and in the Arab world in general, and these things will be good for Israel strategically."

I wish to remind that regardless of the interests of Israel, of Iran, of Hamas, or of the developed world, what should really matter are the interests of the Syrian people. The citizens of Syria are entitled to liberty, justice and the opportunity to purse their happiness just like any other human being on this globe. Wherever these rights are denied, wherever people are fighting for their liberty, there can be only one moral choice - to support that effort.

And what will be of the day after the fall of the tyrant ?
Well, just like the day after the fall of other tyrants - it will most probably be the beginning of another effort, of other battles, for prosperity, for peace, and maybe for the downfall of other tyrants or violent regimes. But the possibility of a negative outcome is no argument. Especially when the current situation is a completely unaccepted outcome.

Let us not forget: people are fighting for liberty in the middle east. And right now they are being oppressed. 

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