Bin Laden's Last will

News reports tell of Osama Bin Laden's last will, and sadly it appears to be mis-quoted.

Before proving that claim, I wish to make something clear: the document to which world media is referring to is not new.

It has been circling around the web for quite some time now.

This does not mean it is true, and this does not mean it is false.

It just lays a shadow about it being "real" news.

It has clearly resurfaced because of Bin Laden's death.

As I've said, my main problem with the news reports about the will is that they contain false claims regarding this possible last will.

Bin-laden is said to have wished -

  • his wives to avoid remarriage after his death.
  • his sons to stay away from  Al Qaeda

Sounds dreadful, doesn't it ?

This self-proclaiming freedom fighter who is responsible to heinous acts of terror, is so dishonest he isn't ready to risk his own sons ?
so selfish he wishes his widows to remain lonely for the rest of their life ?

But hold - as I've said, those claims are wrong. False quotations.

You can find the full document here. You don't have to believe me.  Read it yourself.

These are the two paragraphs which suffered mis-quotation:
  • "To my wives who have been given the responsibility to bring up my children. May Allah give you reward you for it Ameen! After me you will be a witness to my children. From the very first day of starting your lives with me, you knew that my path is filled with hardships in this world. You abandoned the comforts of your parents' houses and stood by my side in the difficult hours. Your lives were adorned with Ibadah and I am sure that you will increase in your Ibadah when I am not here. You have the responsibility of my children. I give them into you hifazah (sanctuary) after Allah and hope that you will bring them up as good Muslims, like Muslim mothers do." 
  • "My sons! As a father I could not give you the time which was your right because I have spared my life for the struggle in the path of Allah. I decided to fight the Kuffar (unbelievers) for the sake of the Muslims. This path has deceit and is surrounded by dishonest and the deceitful people. This dishonesty and deceit has brought us to this present day condition. But Inshallah (if Allah wills) I am not going to stray from the path of Allah. I advise you of Taqwa (abstinence from this world and fear of Allah), because this is the most precious asset of this worldly life. I also advise you to stay away from the  leadership of Al Qaida, just as Hazrat Umer Radhi Allah u Anhu advised his son to stay away from Khilafah."
As you can see -
  • The paragraph aimed at the wifes has no mention of future marriage - positive or negative. 
  • The paragraph aimed at his sons, advises to stay away from the leadership of Al-Qaeda, not the organization itself, and it follows an inference to a saying by the second Muslim Caliph, Umar (Radhiallahu 'anhu), who objected to the idea of appointing his son to be the next Caliph, after him (you can see one version of this story here). 
I agree that one can always suggest interpretations to such documents, but the last will of a person, a villain as he may be, deserves accurate quotations before interpretations are suggested.

This is especially true in cases such as this, when the man's legacy is (sadly) expected to outlive him.

So, according to the document I know as Bin Laden's will, the man was strict but fair in his sayings to his widows, and quite righteous in his guidance to his children.

What can you do ?

Sometimes, one's enemies are not as unpleasant as we'd like them to be.


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