Iran assists Syria in demonstrations suppression

The Washington Post has reported that Iran is enhancing its ongoing efforts of helping Syria in its battle against the civilian protests. The Iranians, experienced in their own successful oppression of the "green protests" are reported to have sent over -

  • weapons 
  •  riot gear 
  •  sophisticated surveillance equipment (which tracks down people by their Facebook and Twitter accounts)
  • trainers & guides (in a steadily growing number... remember U.S involvement in Vietnam ? it also started by the steadily growing number of "guides"...)
Lebanese blog Ya-Libnan also informs that Hezbollah's armed men have recently crossed the border into Syria, in connection with Hezbollah's assistance to the current regime in Syria.

Seems like the age of revolutions has brought an end to some of the masked balls of the middle east. Tyrant's friends are revealing themselves. Iran and Hezbollah clearly reveal that they are not revolutionary forces fighting for freedom, but - on the contrary - are assisting an oppressive in its battle against people who demonstrate and seek their political rights.

And yet, considering the fact that Syria has been using Tanks against unarmed demonstrators, and following that violent outrage, the oppressive regime  is still in the need for the assistance of Iran and Hezbollah in this fight against the civilians of Syria, one cannot but feel that these are the last days of the oppressive regime in Syria. The problem with feelings, is that too frequently they are loosely based on wishful thinking and not on cold-hearted calculation. When will the international community realize that the heart of the battle on the future of the middle east is waged in the streets and houses of Syria ? 

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