two Palestinian teenagers are responsible for the Fogel's slaughter

Israel security forces reveal: the two Palestinians responsible for the slaughter of the Fogel family have been caught.  The two, residents of Awarta, a village near Itamar, are Hakim Mazen Awad (aged 18), a high school student, and Amjad Muhammad Awad (aged 19), a university student. The two admitted they murdered the Fogels, seeking to kill Jews and die as martyrs. According to their confession, they first entered another house, which was empty, and found a M-16 rifle which they took along. Then they entered the Fogel's house, knowing there are children in the house. They first slaughtered 11 year old Yoad and 4 year old Elad, using knives they brought with them. Then they entered the parents bedroom and killed the parents, Udi and Hadas, with the help of the knives and the stolen gun, as the parents fought back. Then they left the house, but Amjad returned to seek weapons, and as the little baby, Hadas (less than 4 months old) was crying and he feared neighbors will hear, he slaughtered her as well.

These are the facts as published. These horrible murders have been done by people who have received education and influence from their near family, friends and environment. Any person who took part in their raising should take a good hard look in the mirror, and ask himself whether he shares the blame.

Anyone who expects Israel to take responsibility for violence caused by Israeli soldiers and civilians, should not expect less from the Palestinian side, if a true decent peaceful  solution is to be reached.

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