U.S elections wrap-up

Told you so, didn't I? 
But it is not a post to gloat. 

This is also not one to deal with statistical models that triumphed (because as investment strategies have repeatedly shown - what works at one time, does not work in another and widely spread predictions have this strange impact, of changing the future in an unpredictable manner). 

This is a post to look at the satiric highlights of the last elections. 

But before going on for my winners, one cannot avoid mentioning Barack Obama's post-victory tweet: "Four more years", and the image that escorted that tweet - 

It does tell you something about the man who will rule the United States
and take a leading role in the International management of our planet for the next four(+) years.

And without further words, the best satiric art expressions:

1) Talking of and to Mitt Romney was "Mitt Romney style" (parodizing the Korean super-hit, Psy's "Gangnam Style"):

2) The best satiric art expression talking of and to Barack Obama was "Obama that I used to know" ( parodizing The Australian hit, Gotye's "somebody that i used to know"):

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